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                             The Grip Ace™  

Motorcycle Lighting & Accessory Control System
Grip Ace™ is a revolutionary new motorcycle grip with built-in buttons right under your fingertips and an
electronic module which allow the rider to activate turn signals, headlights,start up your motorcycle and
accessories. Functions include: Self-cancelling Turn-signals, High-beam/Low-beam and Hazard Lights, as well
as turning on and off accessories, like radio, fog lights, etc.

Grip Ace™ works on all types of motorcycles; sport, cruiser, enduro or scooter. Grip Ace™ works with the
stock equipment, no wires need to be cut, and it should not affect your factory vehicle Warranty also you can
buy our stock black Grip Ace or you can use your own custom Motorcycle Grip.$299.00
Control Button Definitions:

  1. Right Turn Signal (RTS)
  2. Manual Cancel (CAN)
  3. Left Turn Signal (LTS)
  4. High/Low Beam (HLB)
This is a profile of Billet
Grips that have been
machined and are ready for
switch installation.